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Sega casino released for Nintendo DS
in January 2006 the game Sega casino got released for Nintendo DS It is a casino Simulation where you can play without real money classic casino games like Black jack, Texas Hold'em or Roulette But that is all about it. no story or dialogs and no multiplayer either.
Sega Publishs New Ron Gilbert Adventure

The newest game by Ron Gilbert, who also worked on Maniac Mansion Zak McKracken und the first Monkey Island games, is going to be published by Sega The publisher announced that the platform adventure game 'The Cave' will be released in 2013 for PC and through XBox Live and Playstation Network

read more details about 'The Cave'

Sega's adventure into online gambling

Sega has a history of building machines for amusment halls, but in October 2009 it seemed as if it wants to follows its player online The company aquired a license for online gambling and had registered the domain and With that SEGA was now in direct competion to other online casino like PartyPoker and Pokerlistings. But just 11 months later SEGA notified the player to withdraw their funds because it closed its online casinos.
Or read full article about 'sega's adventure into online gambling'

Frozen Game

After seeing the movie 'frozen' my kids very very open to get for their tablet the game 'Frozen freefall'. The game levels are based on the same classic game idea like 'bejeweled' or 'candy crash', but in ths game the characters from the movie explain the level to the player. some difficulties are also inspired by the movie. The are frozen blocks and there are ice pickles or snow balls to break one of the colored crystals.

Annunziata talks to Sega about new Ecco game

Ed Annunziata, who had made the successfull 'Ecco the dolphin' is in talks with Sega to convince them that he should make another installment for the Ecco series

'Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games'

Once upon a time Sega and Nintendo were oppenents. Now they cooperated again for a game for the Nintendo 3DS. Sega developed and published the game 'Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games'. Only the main characters of each company fight against each other in sports events. Of course there are also villains. In the story mode Bowser and Dr. Eggman want to ruin the games at London with ...

Marvel has currently no plans for more games from Sega

During the last years all the games that came out for the Marvel movie, like 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Iron Man' and 'Thor' were made by SEGA. Now SEGA confirmed that 'Captain America' will be the last one of this cooperation. Marvel did not tell the reason, but looking at the games and the sales stats makes it is clear that SEGA did not produce what marvel expected. The games did not sell in large numbers because it were usually buggy and unpolished release. Of course that was probably due to short development cycles that where even more shortend to meet the movies release date.


I wish marvel all the best with another company, but if they do not change the production strategy for license games, they will get the same result from any other game development studio. So theoretically Marvel could have stayed with SEGA. Maybe the partnership ended because SEGA complained to Marvel about their requirements (Keep the game close to the movie script and the movie release.)


USB Adapter for Retro Game Console Cartridges

With the USB Adapter Retrode from Matthias Hullin it is possible to use original game cartridges for the super nintendo Entertainment system (SNES) and the Sega Mega Drive with the a PC or Mac.

Taking the piss with sega's toylet game

Gaming goes down the toilet! I already new that the japanases like to have a hightech toilet but now that is also combined with their faible for arcade games in sega's toylet,

Sega Pass hacked

1.3 Million customer records where stolen from the Sega Pass Database, similar to the Attack of LulzSec on Sony. all details to the hack of sega pass,

Sega publishs free Multiplayer-Online-Game at Steam

Sega and the independent game developer 'Three Rings' fulfilled their promise and releases the Multiplayer-Online-Action-Adventure. Fans of the online action adventure 'Spiral Knights can get the adventure now for PC and Mac via Steam for free. read more details to the free Multi-Player-Online-Game at steam,

Play Virtua Tennis on Ipad2 with Onlive's Games-on-Demand Service for Tablets

The cloud-based gaming service Onlive showed on the E3 2011 something new: the first app for Android and iOS Tablets. The publisher Sega and Ubisoft had also adapted some games already for this cloud-service. Sega's 'Virtua Tennis' and Ubisofts 'From Dust' worked without problems during tests. see complete review,

Aliens: Colonial Marines for WiiU

8.6.2011 - One of the third-party games shown at the E3 for the WiiU was SEGA's 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'. Is Nintendo trying to position the new WiiU as suitable for hardcore gamers instead in opposition to the family friendly Wii?

Sega annouces 'Virtua Tennis 4' for Playstation Vita

7.6.2011 - While Sony annouces the Playstation Vita, Sega presented on the E3 the title 'Virtua Tennis 4' for the launch of the new console. The game was developed in Japan by the original Virtua Tennis-Team. It is the third game of the series that is a launch titel for a new Sony Playstation hardware. Read more about Virtua Tennis 4,

Atari has signed a contract with Sega

5.6.2011 - Today I have read an interesting article on Two former competitor work closely together. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sega Corporation, Hajime Satomi and CEO of Atari, Jim Wilson signed a one year contract on joint development of an online game, which carries the codename Rebel Twin.


One of my favourtite games on the Sega genesis had been the warehouse game sokoban. Naturally when I had bought a Nintendo 3ds I have looked for a sokoban game too.
I could have got one for 35 EURO but for such a simple game I did not want to spend so much. fortunately I figured out how to update the Nintendo 3ds to include a web browser. I could play now in the N3DS browser the sokoban game for free with more than 100 Levels.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

That is a game that sega had released exclusively for the WII and is loosely based on the book 'arabian nights' The story is rather simple sonic enters a book to collect, yes you have guessed it, rings and to fight the villian Erazor who erases the pages of the book. Although the story and the game play are not revolutionary it is anyway much better than previous 'Sonic the Hedghog' games that had been ported to PS3 or XBox.
Read full article about 'Sonic and the secret rings'. .

Sonic and the Black Knight

This WII game from SEGA is the sequel to 'Sonic and the Secret Rings' and continues the 'Sonic Storybook' series. This time the wii remote can also be used for swords fights. (Unfortunately with some delay between swinging the remote and sonic swinging the sword) The story is that sonic shall collect blades to fight the black Knight, but the real villian is the Dark Queen. see full article 'sega diverses into online gambling',

Golden Axe Series

The game series was especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s very successful. The first game 'Golden Axe' was an arcade game that was released by SEGA in 1989 for arcades and the Sega master system. The game was in the next years also ported to Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and PC. Later title of the game series where also available for the Playstation2, Playstation3, PSP and Xbox. Read more the golden axe series .

Sega Classics on the Iphone

What to do with the newest Iphone? You could use the newest and latest technolgy to play game in the 8 bit look of the 80. Remember your childhood with games that are still fun today.
For example you can now play the Sega games Golden Axe and Sonic The Hedgehog. Read more about Sega classic games on iphone.

New Sega Alien Game found

A vigilant NeoGAF user, who had read through the newest age-rating lists from Australian OFLC, noticed a new Alien Game that will be released by SEGA. The name of the new game is 'Aliens Infestation' and it got a M-rating for 'Science Fiction-Violence. Since Sega holds a license for H.R.Giger Aliens, it could well be that the third Game for that theme is going to be published. So Gearbox Role Play Game that had been canceled could be still coming after all.

Unfinished Sega Saturn Game 'Major Damage'

Do you remember when it become clear that sega will not support the Saturn-console any longer?
At that point of time Capcom stopped the development of the game 'Major Damage'. Capcom offered The game to Sony for their game console but they did not want to have it either. What a pity that it was never finished because the the game looks quite cool. Fortunately it is not completly lost. you can download an image of the unfinished game Major Damage. The first three levels are playable.

Sega Toys build robo dog

Sega Toys has build, in cooperation with Activision a really cute toy for kids. They call the invention WappyDog. It is a robot that is not controlled with a remote but with the nintendo ds. So in some respect it is a derivative of Nintendogs and Cats. because of the feature some of the older tester are reminded of Tamagotchis. But judge yourself. Have a look at the wappydog video at youtube.

Brutale Moves in new E3 Trailer for Anarchy reigns

Sega and Platinum Games showed at the E3 a new Trailer for the Game Anarchy Reigns, which shows really brutal kill moves.

Rise of Nightmares - E3 Action Trailer

Sega presented already at the Tokyo game show the Kinect-Title 'Rise of Nightmares'. The horror game is now also shown on the E3 video game fair. You can see the E3 Action Trailer at Youtube.

The 60seconds ad shows some frightning scenes that reflect the atmosphere of the title. It becomes pretty clear why the game will be available only to adults. Unfortunately you won't see any gameplay scenes in the clip, although 'Rise of Nightmares' shall be released for the Xbox 360 in September 2011.

Captain America: Super Soldier Trailer

Sega has shows the trailer to the license titel 'Captain America: Super Soldier'. In the summer 2011, when the movie will hit the cinemas, the game will be release for the Playstation3. The player takes the role of Captain America and fights Red Skull during World War II

Alex Kidd in the Miracle World

1986 the game-developers industry had just survived its worst crisis. It developed new concepts and reformed itself. New heroes, new mascots where needed in the new era. Nintendo had made the first step: Super mario became cult. Now sega, sega the second video game giant, had a chance too, with the creation of Alex the Kid. See full article about alex kidd